Click Me-->: Core Coffee, Dark Roast

flavor profile

The aromatic junction of aged wood and coffee brewing in the ol' percolator. The body is full and slightly textured-- somewhat reminiscent of a smoothie, giving you something to ponder. The first sips bring the sweet tartness of dried fruit, surrounded by a smokey and spicy complexity that make for a perfect cup, day or night.Like taking a trip to grandma and grandpa's cabin up in the woods-- coffee’s on, set down your bags and relax!

coffee story

This blend was born out of the need for something a little fruity yet still strong and full of roasty notes. By combining earthy and intense coffees from Central and South America and a bold, fruity coffee from Ethiopia that need was met. This is the wildcard in your cupboard that will shock and wow your guests with an after dinner cup of coffee that goes great between Aperitif and dessert.

brew methods

French Press:
Pour Over

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