French Decaf

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flavor profile

The essence of “dark roast.” A roast-bomb aroma explodes as it brews. (You may start to get antsy. Remember: it’s just decaf). Savor the velvety and light body contrasted by deep chocolate, chicory and spice notes. Warm and welcoming, but in a bad-ass way. Like a biker dude-- on a beach-cruiser.

coffee story

The Swiss Water Decaffeination Process has revolutionized the way that caffeine is extracted from coffee beans. This non-solvent based approach reduces caffeine content by 99% while retaining all the complexities of carefully produced beans. We’ve worked carefully to roast these beans to a satisfying depth of flavor and sweetness, giving you a cup that stimulates the palate, not the nervous-system. This is a great coffee for those who love a deep sweet cup with just enough roasty punch to make you check the label twice.

brew methods

French Press:
Pour Over

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