Fancy Pants Coffee Club

Fancy Pants Coffee Club

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Size 12oz
Grind Whole Bean

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All orders placed after the 1st of the month will be fulfilled the following month as each month is an exclusive release. 

We can hardly believe that this is month 9 of the Fancy Pants Coffee Club! We continue to push ourselves to source interesting and unique coffees for you all to taste and June is no exception. This coffee comes from an origin we've never roasted before, the island of Timor! It is vibrant, earthy, dynamic, and keeps you guessing each sip.

What is fancy pants coffee club?

Fancy Pants Coffee Club is for you all looking for wildcard and super rare coffees that change the way you think how coffee can really taste. Expand your mind, you know?

This is our chance to have fun together, deep dive into specialty coffee, and feel fancy.

Every month you'll receive an exclusive newsletter from our team and 12oz of a never before seen coffee from us!