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flavor profile

Big and robust, this is the kind of cup that pairs well with pretty much everything. Dark chocolate and rich fruit aromatics are only the beginning -- the body is bold with enough roast to deepen it even further without that charred vibe.
As it cools, you might be surprised by a number of flavors, a hint of dried cherry and dry cacao broaden the horizon of flavors as it extends to a syrupy finish.

coffee story

Mornings are always incredible at Roast House - roasting beans creating delicious crazy aromas, nonstop espresso shots of the world's finest organic, shade grown coffees and a steady stream of coffee geek guests.
If you know Deborah, you probably know how this coffee got its name! It tickles a certain fancy. On mornings we roast this Mexican coffee, she's likely to pop out onto the roasting floor dropping f'bombs about 'baking brownie aroma'. Since then it has been nicknamed "F-Bomb" because - well, it’s pretty good!
Unión Majomut is a Fair Trade cooperative grouping of 1,500 small indigenous coffee producers from the Tzeltal and Tzotzil ethnic groups in the Chiapas Highlands region of Mexico where the Lancandon rainforest fades into pine forests. This region is famous for its many mountain ranges, volcanic soil and rain. All these factors contribute to producing excellent quality coffees.
Their objectives are to improve the overall living conditions of their producers' families and develop alternative ways of doing business, such as:

  • selling their coffee direct
  • organic farming to protect and conserve the soil
  • strengthening self-sufficiency in food production

Their work includes the development of food self-sufficiency and organization of women coffee growers, in order to strengthen food security and generate greater nourishing independence. They explicitly encourage the participation of women and support democratic processes.

brew methods

French Press:
Pour Over

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