Colombia Geisha

Geisha varieties are known for their intricate complexity and fragrance. La Pradera's double fermented washed Geisha lives up to the hype. Mandarin, pineapple, and starfruit pop with floral sweetness and finishing with a fragrant wildflower honey.

Our love for La Pradera runs deep because of their commitment to sustainability and innovation. After picking and floating the cherries went through a 48 hour of aerobic fermentation followed by pulping and rinsing with cold water to continue another 48 hours of anaerobic fermentation in a lower temperature to stop the yeast formation and sugar degradation aiming to prevent alcoholic fermentation. The pH was measured at 3.8 when beans were rinsed with water again and spread on the drying beds to reach the desired moisture content after 25 days of drying.

Any and every brew method – this coffee will taste amazing!

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