Bloomsday Blend

  • Now that the Winter of our discontent is over, we can finally dream about the possibilities of Spring. Bluer skies, longer days, taking a ride, or maybe a run— say, with 50,000 friends? For many of us, the Bloomsday Run is a kind of anchor for the year — a motivation to train, a marker of the sweet turn from Spring towards Summer, a chance to tour Spokane, WA at a leisurely (or gut-busting) pace. Bloomsday celebrates the spirit of Spokane, and we are happy to celebrate and support Bloomsday with their very own custom blend.

    $10 of every pound purchased goes directly to the Lilac Bloomsday Association a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
  • We worked closely with the Bloomsday crew to formulate the perfect companion coffee — one with familiar, comforting, satisfying flavors. The chocolatey notes of our best Central and South American beans produce a sessionable cup profile. This coffee is for the everyday runner, the first time walker, and the elite athlete who will wow us all with their speed and grace. It’s for the months before: early mornings, before work, spent getting that training run in. Or a little pick-me-up, mid-afternoon, because, well, you just want it.
  • Drip

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