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Roast House is a small but passionate craft coffee company located in Spokane, WA.
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Sunshine, no snow…must be time to flash brew! NERD ALERT: We’ve all experienced when coffee is brewed hot and then cooled in a refrigerator or put on ice that it produces a pretty bitter, nasty cup of joe. The nerdy scientific theory behind that is when quick moving water molecules in the hot coffee and slow moving water molecules in the ice hit, it forces the hydrogen bonds to lengthen allowing space for oxygen to enter in which translates to bitterness. Flash Brew instantly chills the hot brew which doesn’t allow for those hydrogen bonds to loosen, in fact they tighten up allowing for less oxygen which translates to more deliciousness on the palate. FOR THOSE WHO DON’T CARE ABOUT SCIENCE: Flash Brewing is when you brew with hot water in your filter but instantly cool it and dilute it by brewing directly onto ice. The recipe for people to do it at home is to cut your total water volume used to brew by 1/3 with ice in the bottom of the carafe and use hot water for the remaining 2/3 to brew your coffee with. For example - our Tasting Room recipe is 20g of coffee (approximately 1/4 cup) and 330g (1 1/2 cup) of hot water to brew a 10oz cup. Its easy. You truly can’t mess this up. I do this all the time, especially late afternoons with our Swiss Water Organic decaf coffees when I need a refreshing, tasty alternative. NO CALORIES NO CHEMICALS #damngoodcoffee

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Size Really Matters…

Size really matters… One of the most common packaging complaints or “Gotchas” by consumers are undersized, diminished, itty bitty, small bags. It’s been a not-so-subtle shell game diverting our attention away from increasing prices. What happened to the 1-pound bag of coffee? Have you noticed prepackaged downsized sized shrunken bags of coffee? Food prices are way up. Raw materials, transportation costs and resources are higher. Margins shrink,stockholders invest elsewhere and manufacturers maintain profit margins by not only shrinking package size, but buying lower quality ingredients while charging more. While we enjoy lower food costs more than almost any nation, our food prices have steadily increased while packaged foods have gotten smaller and more diminutive. Have you noticed that most prepackaged coffee bags are only 10-12 ounces? Thats a quarter pound less coffee That is only 24 cups of coffee verses 32 We got big bags, cause size really does matter when you’re buying great coffee. We sell our beans in one pound bags. Sixteen full ounces. Not downsized, cute-sized or under-sized! Don’t wind up paying more for less Choose our BIG BAGS Where a pound of coffee is well…a pound of coffee! And please do us the big (not small) favor of telling 500 of your closest friends about our nationally award winning coffees and BIG BAGS… ​ You can find our BIG BAGS at these local grocery stores - just click here!

Its Been 7yrs, And Its All About The Coffee…

​15 BILLION YEARS AGO…. THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE WAS COMPRESSED into the confines of a single atomic nucleus. Then BOOM! The Big Bang – trillions of degrees in temperature creating space and time itself. Much later came Planet Earth, basic life forms and eventually you and me. And now here we are, doing our part to further evolution, searching tirelessly, endlessly, for the perfect cup of coffee. We knew there was a reason. Its all about coffee…. Wednesday, January 4th, is our 7th year of being, doing, enjoying, sharing, competing, partying with coffee! 8am until 6pm we hope you will pop by and share in our joy and allow us to THANK YOU for your support!


COMING SOON…. Traditional espresso has always been thought of within the confines of a deeply developed blend of two or three origins. While these blends can be extraordinarily delicious and pair well with milk, we got to thinking: Why limit espresso to that definition? Green coffee quality continues to improve, and we have access to some exceptional beans. In honor of these beans, and with a sense of endless possibilities—a life with no limits— we’ve decided to shake things up and highlight the dynamic nature of single origin espressos. No Limits is a non-traditional style espresso that will feature the most dynamic, seasonal, single origin we can find. Why? Because, we like to geek out. Because we love the unlimited possibilities the reside in these beans. Because nothing can match the joy of a perfect, complex, and intriguing espresso. Flavor Profile: Specific flavor notes vary based on what’s in-season. You can expect everything you love in a great filter coffee— but as espresso. Think: crisp, clear flavors, unparalleled cleanliness, mouth-coating body, fresh fruits with a lingering caramelizing sugar sweetness. In milk, No Limits provides enough depth pack a punch in your Latte, but rocks in smaller ratios, like Macchiatos and Cappuccinos. While it sings sweetest as espresso, it has no limits. Throw it in your morning pour over and enjoy a richly sweet cup.

Gigisa Ethiopia

Natural Processed Ethiopian Gigisa, Aaron’s 2016 Holiday Choice! Coffee Review gave it a 93 rating! Available at our warehouse, or online, this cup of holiday joy comes in our 12oz apothecary jar. Available through Christmas Eve only! Supplies limited, be sure to get a bottle while you can.

Working Elf’s Blend

A couple years back, local Spokane tattoo artist Caleb Frey supplied us with the portrait of our tired but trustworthy Working Elf. Everybody knows someone who works tirelessly year-round, or even turns it on, hours on end, for the holidays. We thought you might want to know a little more about the elf himself. Full Name: Sven Henrik Johansen Birthplace: Tromsø, Norway Age: 63 Astrological Sign: Taurus Favorite Song: Working Man’s Blues by Merle Haggard Sven is the third generation of Johansens to work at the North Pole. He’s been assisting Santa for the past 42 years— primarily with woodworking, but he’s been known to “flex” as needed into duties elsewhere in the workshop, and even drove the sleigh one year when Santa had an excruciating migraine. An expert joiner, Sven takes pride in the smallest details of his work. If you see an especially well-crafted piece of wood work with perfectly matched angles and smooth edges, it likely came from his hands. The finest wooden train sets are the work of Sven — look for the “SHJ” emboss. For the past 20 years, Sven’s son, Gunnar, has worked alongside him. He spent 10 years in a long and grueling apprenticeship, learning his father’s craft. With the advent of new materials and digital equipment, Gunnar shifted his focus to plastics. Despite Sven’s resistance, Gunnar intends to bring the family into the modern era of toy production, and has purchased a cutting edge 3-D printer to realized his dreams. After working 365 days a year for over four decades, Sven, at the urging of Gunnar, finally opted, a couple years back, to take an annual vacation between Christmas and New Year’s. That week, and that week alone, you’ll find him on the sunny beaches of Sayulita, Mexico. He’s the guy with the rocks margarita and the stocking hat. Sven Working El’s Blend, as are all our coffees, is Fair Trade, Organic, shade grown which is why it tastes like Christmas…..lots of chocolate and nuts can be found in the aroma - a warm welcome from a trustworthy friend. That first sip reminds us of the harmonious balance of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich - dense and rich, yet fruity, comforting, and even refreshing. Hazelnut and wine leads into red apple and grape, settling into a smoky chocolate finish. This is a cup to savor, to ponder, to top off and refill. You’re worth it. Available as of Black Friday at these following Spokane retail outlets. Don’t live here or need it sent as a gift? Buy it here and we’ll ship it!

Coffee. Whiskey. Whipped Cream.

Irish Coffee Class 1. Brew coffee. Aeropress, Chemex, Kalita or your home coffee brewer - you can’t go wrong. Just be sure to use Spokane’s finest organic, shade grown, fair trade, award winning coffees. 2. Grab a bottle of whiskey and .... Oh wait, just come into Roast House and let the good times roll! Letsl make Irish Coffee together. Tim, prior Buena Vista Cafe bartender, home of the original Irish Whiskey cocktail agreed, again this year, to host this class. WHEN: Saturday, November 12th TIME: 1:00 pm - 2:30 WHERE: Roast House, 423 E. Cleveland, Spokane Limited class size - click here to register.