Roast House Coffee
Roast House is a small but passionate craft coffee company located in Spokane, WA.
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We are a small, but passionate artisan coffee roasting company. We believe in quality over quantity.
We believe the coffee business is personal & direct. It is first & foremost about relationships.
Our Philosophy

Roast House was founded on and remains committed to sourcing only sustainably grown, organic, ethically traded coffees.

We value planet and people as much as we value coffees with unparalleled clarity of flavor, liveliness and sweetness.

We pride ourselves on making buying choices that support forests, water quality, gender equality, food security and the future of the planet.

We are committed to crafting those beans into coffees that entice, illuminate and satisfy our customers’ palates.

To us, it’s pretty simple: we love coffee! We feel passionate about coffee. We love brewing coffee, talking about coffee, smelling coffee, dreaming about coffee and drinking coffee.

Our Coffee

Come visit us at our complimentary Tasting Room. Experience allows us the opportunity to serve both the coffee nerd who wants to geek out on various brew methods, brew ratios and varietal tastings, and the newbie drinker ready to learn the difference between a natural processed coffee vs. washed coffee, espresso vs. pour over.

It’s not uncommon that a guest visits us and leaves extremely pumped - as much from the unique education experience as the multiple pours they sample with us. Our goal is to recreate an experience where guests can come grab a coffee on the run or stay and geek out on the intricacies and origins of our beans.

If you are reading this we know that you are passionate about coffee, too. Come have a cup (or 2 or 3) with us.

Our Products Are

  • Organic & fair trade
  • 100% shade-grown
  • Roasted in small-batches, for optimum freshness
  • Packaged in sustainable bio-friendly packaging—to minimize waste
  • Nitrogen distillation free
  • Genetically modified (GMO) free
  • Mold and Defect Free
Our Team

A small core of passionate coffee people working to bring the best organic, fair trade coffees crafted in delicate, small batches for exquisite flavors while protecting human health and the environment. Whats in your cup?

Deborah Di Bernardo
Deborah Di Bernardo
Boss Lady
Aaron Jordan
Aaron Jordan
Head Roaster
Allison Jordan
Allison Jordan
Warehouse Manager
Community Giving

Due to the small size of our company size and a full register of community sponsorships, we are unable to fulfill outside requests for donations and or gift certificates, but we do thank you for your patronage.

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